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Eloquent euphony - Feanora's Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eloquent euphony [Feb. 25th, 2002|02:56 pm]
"I'm the one who's going to save humanity's collective rectum from its own colostomy." - from Shadow of the Hegemon

Ah, the beauty of words. So fragile, so varied, so plentiful. We are never at a loss for words, even if the word itself may be no more than a sound. Yet, even those simple, trivial sounds can convey more than a thousand words. And sounds placed together, mixed in a multitude of ways, form music. As we have all felt at one time or another, music can affect our emotions and induce feelings that other intangible entities cannot.

What would happen if we could talk like music?

Our voice an instrument, our words a song. If we ever managed to play our conversation like a symphony, we could strum the world into our hands, perform our piece, and when the composition ends, bow to our entourage who have so graciously listened to every stroke of the cord.

Shall I entice your desires by seducing your mind?